LAX | APR 11-13

The Embassy Suites LAX North

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LAX | APR 11-13

  • David T. Fagan
    David T. Fagan The “Icon Builder”, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Founder/CEO of Icon Builder Media

    David T. Fagan is a columnist for the Beverly Hills Times Magazine and the host of the California Cable TV show, The Hollywood Entrepreneur.

    He is also the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, which sold over 23 million books in 62 languages all over the world, as well as the former owner of LCO Communications, a Beverly Hills PR firm that has represented 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Winners, and 43 New York Times Best Sellers.

    David is regularly sought out by the media on entrepreneur education and cracking the icon code. He has recently been featured on Fox & Friends, the Today Show with Matt Lauer, The Washington Post, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox’s The Five, and What’s Happening Now. And most recently won the award for Entrepreneur Educator of the Year from Infusionsoft.

    He is a best selling author and an International Speaker in places as far away as Bangladesh and Australia. He has shared the stage with everyone from Former Secretary of Defense Dr. Bob Gates to Mark Victor Hansen.

    David’s company, Icon Builder Media, is based out of Southern California where he lives with his wife and his 8 children.

  • Allison H. Larsen
    Allison H. Larsen Founder of Keynote Speaker Coalition, International Speaker, Intuition Expert

    Allison H. Larsen is an international speaker, mentor, TV host of the cable show Spotlight, author of the book Soul Intuition and Co-Founder of Family Foot Reflexology. She has experience as a certified fitness coach, Yoga instructor, and alternative health instructor.

    As one of the world’s leading Intuition Experts, Allison inspires and transforms the lives of audiences and clients all over the world. Allison’s speaking abilities and coaching style is what makes her so powerful and valuable. She easily connects with audiences, and isn’t afraid to go deep with people and draw upon on life experiences and business expertise to drive the message home.

    Allison attributes much of her success to what she calls “soul intuition”, which she uses to understand how to proceed forward on the path specifically for her. She helps those she teaches how to obtain the health, wealth and fulfillment by looking within to discover their divine blueprint for success.

    Allison is happily married and the mother of four beautiful children. She understands the importance of family and balancing personal and professional aspects of life. When she isn’t flying around the world to speaking engagements, or coaching clients, she is spending her time with her family, going to kids’ sports games and other events.

  • Sean Roach
    Sean Roach Entrepreneur, CEO, Speaker, Author

    Throughout the past twenty years, Sean Roach has built an entrepreneurial empire helping businesses solve problems and realize their potential. Using his expertise in internet marketing and organizational turnaround, Sean provides practical advice on how both small and large businesses can expand their reach and reposition themselves after inevitable changes in business and technology.

    At the individual level, Sean urges people to take action and make their dreams a reality by giving them the tools to pursue what they want. His best-selling business book, Get Off Your Duff and Make Your Own Damn Cheese!, encourages readers to make success happen for themselves—just as he did!

    Sean’s well-known story of overcoming ADHD and dyslexia to find his own success has been an inspiration to a huge audience. He believes in paying it forward by helping others improve and succeed.

    As a speaker, he shares his knowledge across a wide range of industries on tangible tactics anyone can use to achieve success. Sean inspires people to take action and make their goals a reality by giving them the tools to pursue their dreams.

    Sean has worked as an adviser for Amazon, Google, MGM Resorts, BMW, Subaru, Ford, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Inomati and many more.

  • Roger Salam
    Roger Salam CEO of The Winners Circle

    Roger is the chairman and founder of The Winner’s Circle, an invitation-only Mastermind Forum for top level business leaders, authors, speakers and thought-leaders. Roger has been recognized as a top leader, Mastermind facilitator and social entrepreneur through his charity and non-profit work.

    Besides the Mastermind and Personal Development events, Roger also conducts Real Estate Investing seminars on a monthly basis all over the US & Canada. He & his partners specializes in Bank REO properties and purchases hundreds of foreclosed properties every month directly from the banks. His flagship service is creating turnkey portfolio of investment properties for other investors to produce long term residual income at 15 to 25% ROI.

    In 1990, he joined the team of world-renowned author and inspirational speaker Anthony Robbins. He has delivered over 9700 professional talks to various corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions in North America, Europe and Asia.

    As a pioneer in Internet Marketing, he joined a start-up venture Internet Pictures Corporation (iPIX) in 1998 and with a core team the company went to 2 billion in market cap during IPO in less than a year. He was responsible for three divisions and its sales and marketing efforts, strategic alliances, new business development and channel expansion involving $35 million in annual revenue for this B2B e-commerce imaging service provider.

    He’s originally from Bangladesh and now resides in Tampa, Florida. He’s a graduate of UCLA. He’s got 3 lovely daughters and is most passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering people to reach higher levels of personal & business success!

  • Robert W. Jones
    Robert W. Jones Former US Marine, Networking Facilitator, Published Poet, Media Stage Personality, Community Organizer, Business Owner and Soccer Dad

    Robert W. Jones is the Founder and Owner of Network Together, LLC the largest non-franchised independently owned business networking organization in Arizona. He is a former Internet Marketer, Speaker, Leader and Mentor to business owners looking to practice the skills of networking, public speaking, digital promotion and event presentation.

    His company puts on over 1000 events and meetings per year and has at least 12 large-sized event management projects per year with his company NT Events. Colleagues call Robert an energy creator as he uses his skills to engage, lead and inspire, as he teaches his Network Together Way to audiences. He has media experience on stage, on set, and in studio as a host or guest.

    Robert attributes much of his success to his 20 years of independent business ownership with one of the most successful boutique style Search Engine Optimization and Web Design Companies in America and his experience as a community leader and social arts organizer. He has help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for not-for-profit agencies and has sat on boards of publicly traded corporations.

    Robert is a happily married Father of 4 children and husband of a wonderful and indecently successful Wife and Mother, Shawn Jones. A former US MARINE, published poet, avid runner and current health nut, Robert understands the subtle intricacies of life balance. Look for Robert in person, online or in video, he is ready to get your network, working today.

  • Loral Langemeier
    Loral Langemeier CEO, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Entrepreneur

    As CEO of Live out Loud, Inc., Loral Langemeier’s life purpose is to launch successfully fulfilled entrepreneur millionaires who run businesses that make a difference in the world. Loral herself became a millionaire as a single mother at the age of 34 years old, and believes that financial success is available to everyone. Loral has been involved in multiple areas of finance, including mentoring & coaching, real estate investment, business acquisition & development, and gas & oil since 1996.

    Growing up on her family’s farm in Nebraska, Loral learned the value of hard work, persistence and how to get things done even in the face of much opposition and criticism. With a reputation for being straight forward and direct in her opinion, Loral is a highly sought after as an international motivational speaker. Loral graduated from Wesleyan University of Nebraska with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance, followed by a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Following University she set up 270 fitness centers on off shore rigs practicing one of her number one tools she teaches today: How to Combine Skill Sets in Multiple Industries for Profitability.

    With a 54% audience following of men, Five Time New York Times Bestselling Author, Loral Langemeier says that women business owners are the going to change the face of this country. She advocates for women in learning strategies that will make their own hard earnings grow in smart investments that have been previously accessible only to the Boys Club.

    Loral is a frequent guest on business finance for networks such as CNN, CNBC, The Street TV, INC., Fox News Channel, as well as Dr. Phil and the View. Her commitment to financial literacy is as important as her work. Her multinational wealth coaching company offers discounted education to United States Veterans.

    Even though Loral has a jet and a jet setting life, she prefers to be home for dinner with her two children after school at her home in Lake Tahoe, and is enjoying love as a newlywed bride to husband Jason.

  • RaQuel Sanchez
    RaQuel Sanchez Co-Owner of Kiss The Monkeys and Kiss The Mermaids

    RaQuel Sanchez is a the co-owner of the Award Winning Events Company and Online Network Community, Kiss The Monkeys and Kiss The Mermaids is a Social Media Influencer. She partners with CEOs, international corporations, non-profit organizations, entertainers, models, fashion designers, company executives, VCs, and solopreneurs to grow their personal images and/or professional brands.

    Her knowledge comes from her diverse experience as a social media specialist, scientific research lab assistant, personal assistant to a high-profile music producer, service industry professional, real estate broker, medical spa marketing manager, owner of a dance production company, and as a core organizer of Help For Haiyan (named as the biggest grassroots charity drive in history, by various media outlets).

    RaQuel found her hidden talents in social media in 2009 as a dance professional with no capital to market her dance company. RaQuel learned to use social media to gain international exposure for her dancers. When her friends took notice of her social media influence and marketing skills, she became highly sought-out to market for their start-ups and soon started working for several different companies as an outsourced marketer and influencer. This was when she found her everlasting desire to be an entrepreneur and to teach others how to become one themselves.

    In 2013, when watching a CNN report of a devastating typhoon that hit her homeland in the Philippines, she and 4 friends decided to take action. They made The Rizal Filipino Community their headquarters to collect donations. RaQuel used her mastery of social media to launch a Facebook group she named, Help For Haiyan. As a core organizer of Help For Haiyan, she was able to solicit generous donations from major corporations and attracted television media for over 2 weeks with thousands of volunteers helping daily in the city of Chicago, despite the record-breaking below-freezing weather. A total of 18 containers were shipped to aid the victims of the typhoon.

    Currently, RaQuel and her significant-other, Alex Harris, own Kiss The Monkeys and have become one of the fastest growing event companies in California. They have now launched nationally and have plans to take their movement across the globe in 2018. Together they connect people and brands that share a common interest in changing the world and themselves.

  • Alex Harris
    Alex Harris Co-Owner of Kiss The Monkeys and Kiss The Mermaids

    Alex Harris is a 7th generation high-end estate jeweler from the UK. He moved to the USA in 2004 to expand his jewelry business. While in NYC he started a social media network that had 300,000 members and hosted networking events for New York socialites.

    In 2015 Alex left the cold weather behind and moved to Los Angeles where he teamed up with his life partner, RaQuel. Alex and RaQuel then founded a multi award winning social media and luxury event company called Kiss The Monkeys.

  • Shea Vaughn
    Shea Vaughn CEO of the Women’s Broadcast Television Network, Best-selling Author, Queen of Wellness

    Shea Vaughn is a lifestyle pioneer, best-selling author, philanthropist and nationally recognized health and wellness authority (and the mother of actor Vince Vaughn) whose SheaNetics ® Wellness Program is endorsed by Physicians, the City of Chicago and the Department of Public Health, as well as earned her the affectionate title of “America’s Queen of Wellness”. Shea is also the Co-Founder/CEO of WBTVN and Women On TV, the first OTT online TV network with original content created for women with an audience outreach of over 30 million and growing through, ROKU, AppleTV, Google Play, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and more.

  • Steven Memel
    Steven Memel Internationally Renowned High-Performance Consultant and Award-Winning Actor, Director and Producer of Film, Television, Stage and Music

    Steven Memel is an internationally renowned High-Performance Consultant and Award-Winning Actor, Director and Producer of Film, Television, Stage and Music. He gained prominence for his work with Hollywood’s elite, helping them develop their voice and performance skills. Clients include Grammy award winners Adam Levine and Maroon 5, Academy Award nominee Drew Barrymore, actor Justin Long, Tony Award winner Lauren Bacall and many more.

    In addition to his successful Private Consulting and Coaching company, he is the Director of a Global Performing Arts Program connecting creatives from around the world with A-List Hollywood Executives and Celebrities. His powerful Peak Performance program, The Science of Switching On, has helped in the development of top performers ranging from the Silver Screen to the Corporate Boardroom.

    As a Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Seminar Leader, Steven demonstrates a deep commitment and unshakeable belief that you are here to truly shine and manifest your own Personal Greatness.
    Steven demonstrates the confidence, personal magnetism and charisma that he teaches. He dispels the myth that this star quality is only available to a select few. Your audience will be energized by the revelation that this powerful presence is already within them just waiting to be ignited.